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It’s a truism that what has got you here till now, won’t get you there i.e. to the next point in your life. And there is a big ‘unless’. And that precisely is this. Unless you add fun, spice, eroticism and manly joy in your world. Yes! You have heard that right. We live in an age of constant stress and distraction where we are constantly disturbed by tings, pings, rings and buzzes. Our attention span is being asked from all sides and we have to give our razor sharp mental focus on all the things that come in our way. Atleast, when we are in the work, we can’t help but have to focus for the sake of it.

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And then when you come back home with a belief that you will be able to relax, enjoy, unwind and completely be yourself – then you have your wife who’s having her own agenda and she’s acting as a constant chatterbox. And not a pleasurable chatterbox which you might want, expect or need but she’s on a totally different bandwidth altogether. Sick isn’t it? And then there are your children. Although you love them crazily but they are a constantly nagging lot. Where is the peace and space for you? Where is your time for yourself? Where is your own enjoyment? With whom will you talk to? With whom will you share your own feelings?

Here comes the answer to all the above question which most of the men are searching for around the world. And precisely that’s where an independent escort comes into picture. An independent escort is an angel who’s far away from a ‘typical’, out-of-the-rut ladies that you have encountered in your life. She’s there just for you and will show you the meaning for real fun, joy and uninterrupted pleasure where you can just be yourself and enjoy your heart out!

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The Need For An Independent Escort?

There’s a need for independent escort like Kriti Apte for some of the leading men like yourself who’s working hard constantly for the companies, society and their families but no for themselves. And that’s where my role comes into play. As an independent escort, my commitment is to be your companion and provide you with the joy, fun, naughty moments, erotic moments, sensual moments, unmatched fun, classy moments, togetherness when you need the most, an accompany of elite, educated, bright, young and ultra-hot girl who can match your profile and personality. After all, you are special and your choices are the most special ones. That’s the only thing I know and I care about. I am made for you. Try me once and explore the unexplored territories.

Experience that you never experienced!

With a top-rated independent escort like Kriti Apte, you can very well be geared to experience that you haven’t previously experienced. And that’s the most beautiful part of the entire game. Do you really remember when the last time you had a perfectly satisfactory orgasm was? When was the last time when you experienced emotional connection? When was the last time you experienced love out of emotion, fire and passion? Well, it has been found that most men unfortunately haven’t experienced most or all of the above. And that’s why world-class independent escort like me are very instrumental to be in your company and let you feel the ultimate pleasure which you completely deserve.

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I am Designed For You!

Let’s be honest – haven’t you always wondered that why the ladies whom you have met till now aren’t just the perfect one? Why everyone has something or the other which annoys the hell out of you? Well, then I must say that you have probably met the wrong women till now unfortunately. It’s a time that you meet an independent escortKajal Vermalike me who’s highly emotional with a personality type which suits the elite, classy and intelligent man like yours. It depends upon what kind of fun you are looking forward to? What are your deep in the heart fantasies which you haven’t been able to fulfill?

Is it cum swallowing? Cum on face? Anal? Virgin like experience? Girlfriend like experience? Erotic massage? Getting your dick sucked? Or something else which I haven’t mentioned here, huh? Whatever it is, be assured that together we will reignite the fire which is needed for you and we will experience the breathtaking joy between us. A joy so sensuous and sensational that it will tantalize each and every sense of your body.

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What’s more? I will accompany you to the lavish business or personal dinners, private lunches, city tours with added spice of erotic fun and naughtiness in the comfort of your car, manage the high profile guests/clients for you and organize a superb party which matches your class and level. Be it anything that you might even think off – there’s country’s top independent escort Ms. Kriti Apte to take care of all your needs.

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