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If you stay in Bandra West and you have already started working as Bandra West escort girl then that’s a very good thing. If you are facing problem in getting clients or clients are not as happy as they should be then we have compiled a list of things that you must follow in order to succeed. Now this article is for those independent Bandra West escorts, who have already started working out in gym or for those who are still thinking about what kind of fitness regime they should be opting for. So read on this article now and we are going to share various fitness regime and techniques that will help you in getting the desired figure that will get you more clients for your business.
Swimming- now many girls think that this is not a real exercise, but in reality, the amount of calorie you burn while swimming is really amazing. All you have to do is learn swimming and this also reduces the chances of heart stroke and other activities. All you have to learn is to swim and just swim everyday for an hour and you will notice the changes in your body. Swimming is the best form of exercise humans can come up with. So if you are into fitness then you must understand that swimming is very important. So now game up your business of being an Escort in Bandra West and start swimming now.

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Weight training – Some people believe that women should be not be doing weight training because its meant for men who want to build muscles. These are all false information and girls should definitely start weight training because it not only enhances your muscle strength but it also helps you in weight loss. Make sure that you are doing back exercises that will help you in developing your hip muscles. Once your hips are tight and firm then your overall figure will look very tempting. Make sure that you have a very good trainer that can help you in building your hips. Being a Bandra West escort is not an easy job and if you are not fit then it can affect your business seriously.
Running and jogging – now this is like the guru mantra of being fit. If you are into fitness then make sure that you are running and jogging every day. This detoxifies you and makes your body free from any toxins. It is indeed one of the best forms of workouts. So, working as an escort in Bandra West requires lots of drinking and enjoying and if you are not exercising daily then you might gain weight and it will surely affect your business too. So, an improved daily life will ensure that you are safe and it will also ensure that you are earning lots of money while working as Bandra West escorts.So what are you waiting for? If you have not started working out yet then start now and make sure that you are doing all those things that are listed here.

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•Get fit – this is a very important step if you want to make your name in this industry. If you are not fit and if your body is not so attractive then it will be very hard for your survival. So, make sure that you join a fitness club or indulge in some fitness activities like swimming or yoga. This will ensure that your body remains in shape. This profession requires a hot body and to get that you will have to work hard on this. Most of the escorts working in Bandra West are always concerned about working out really hard. This makes them look hot and they can wear hot dresses too. So, if you want to work as Independent Bandra West escorts, make sure that you are fit and hot.
Get tons of hot clothes to wear – now this is another important step you must follow in order to get success. If you are into escort business then you must look attractive and to look attractive you must have very sexy dresses with you. Once you have these dresses then it’s definite that your clients will find you attractive and they will be your regular clients. So, in order to get these clothes, its best to shop online. Online shopping will ensure that you are getting most of the dresses within a reasonable price. It doesn’t really matter if you are working for an agency or you are working as Independent Bandra West escort. But the thing is you should look pretty with amazing hot dresses on. Once you are fit and you are wearing a good dress, then your clients will totally love you.So these are some amazing tips and tricks that you must follow in order to become one of the best escort in Bandra West. Once you have made up your mind to enter this business then make sure that these two tips are genuinely followed and we assure you that nobody can ever stop you from living the dream life. So, what are you waiting for just start working on these tips and make money?

Why Bandra West escorts are hotter than average women

We all go through a phase in life where everything seems to be too boring and all you want to do is enjoy your life. Well this is a very common thing and we all know how it feels to be alone without any friends and moral support. At such problematic situation we all should turn towards meeting Bandra West escorts. Well we must have different opinions regarding meeting escorts in Bandra West, but the benefits of meeting them is simply quite amazing. Below we have compiled a list of things that you must read which showcases why Bandra West escorts are better and different than average normal girls.

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They take care of themselves – escorts in Bandra West are very self conscious they understand the value of looking pretty as this is the only way to ensure that their clients will be attracted towards them. So, they make sure that they are always beautiful from tip-to-toe. So they are always carrying make up and they work out a lot to ensure that their body is flawless too. If you notice their clothes then you will find it extremely short and really tempting. Bandra West escorts understand that if they want to be at top of their business then they will have to look exceptionally beautiful. Hence they make sure that their looks are always top notch. This is a very good thing and every woman should implement this technique in their daily life. This is the first point that separates Bandra West escorts from normal average girls.

Their love making techniques – these escorts are mostly wild and they love to do it wildly. Hence their clients prefer to be with them more often. If you ever spend a night with any escort, then you will realize that their love making technique is passionate and very amazing. Not only that they have exquisite skills of making love that keeps your adrenaline rush high. You will never be able to forget this session. They make sure that you are not bored by usual stuff and they do things that you have only imagined in your wildest of dreams. You might have seen western movies where women are furious and passionate. Well, Bandra West escorts are also like that and they make sure that their clients enjoy their services too.

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Kriti narrating her experience with two guys at once

Hi guys, this is Kriti and I have been working as Bandra West escort since a long time. I am still on college and this is my last year in college. I will not be studying any more as I am planning to move to a different city where I can explore more of my wild side. I have been an escort in Mumbai and I totally love this profession. During my visits I loved to spend time with my clients and they taught me a lot during my sessions. Now I am one of the top escorts in Mumbai and I really love the attention and money I get from my clients.But like other rich players there were not so arrogant, In fact they were polite and they welcomed me with kindness. I was curious to know why both of them wanted to spend the night with a single escort in Mumbai. I mean they do have the money then why not separate girls have.

So this story is about me when I was in my first year of graduation and I was a total naive. So this one time two boys called me and enquired about my services.

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